Clivia miniata

The growing conditions of the clivia

The clivia needs a cool dormancy period at 8-10°C in early winter to bloom. When the flower stem begins to rise, place it in a slightly warmer room at 15°C. In summer, protect it from the burning rays of the sun. If you have a garden, take it out in spring (at 15°C), in the sun, and install it in mid-shade in summer. Place the pot on damp clay beads and clean the leaves with a damp cloth. Cut the withered stems before the formation of the seeds, which could compromise the next flowering.

The clivia multiplies easily by planting rejects, to be detached when they are 15 cm.

It can be attacked by scales, which usually settle at the base of the fan and are very difficult to reach. Operate gently with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

How to water the clivia?

The clivia fears excess water. Always let the clod dry between two waterings, without ever retaining water in the saucer. Stop watering completely during dormancy period (about one month). Water only very little in winter: when the flower stem begins to grow, resume, operating only when necessary.

When and how to repopulate the Clivia?

As it is a plant that likes to be cramped, wait for the roots to come out on the surface of the pot (every 2 or 3 years for an adult plant) to repot, rather in a clay pot, in a draining mixture containing sand. If one replants a rejection, a pot of 15 cm of diameter and depth is sufficient.

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