Guzmanias are native to tropical rainforests in South America. Epiphytic plants that live on the branches of trees at their expense or suspended from a rock wall. Bromeliads have very colourful bracts while insignificant flowers are hidden inside the scales.

How to maintain the guzmania?

In an apartment, guzmanias appreciate the great light, however they must be protected from direct sunlight. It is a plant which in its natural environment is sheltered by the shade of trees.


A normal temperature suits him very well in an apartment between 18°C and 25°C or even slightly lower when the guzmania is installed in a low heated veranda of the order of 15°C.


Guzmania likes humidity but not feet in water. It is watered on the clod with the temperate water of the tap and preferably with rain water inside the rosette which must remain permanently wet.

That’s all it takes to keep a guzmania for a year.

There is no need for fertilizer throughout this period.


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