Your bonus


Fleuriot would like to reward its loyal customers.

Principals of the Bonuscard:

The Bonuscard is free and available in our three shops (Corraterie, Aéroport or Gare), on request by phone, by email or directly bellow.

All your purchases in cash and credit card as well as your orders by phone or by e-mail are credited on your Bonuscard.

All we need to know is your Bonuscard number.

Purchases excluded from the Bonuscard:

Special services such as:

- floral transmissions within Switzerland or abroad
- products sold with a discount
- rented items
- invoices not paid within a delay of 30 days.

Example: If there are three purchases on an invoice and this one is payed beyond 30 days, these three purchases are not credited on the Bonuscard.

- Purchases with gift cards (we can only apply the bonus when the gift card is sold)

How does the Bonuscard work?

The value of your purchases is added up on your Bonuscard to the 5th purchase included.Ex.: 100+100+100+100+100 = 500.-CHF. Your Bonus is credited from the 6th purchase.

At the 6th purchase, Fleuriot give 5% Bonus on the valueof the 5 previous purchases.
Ex.: 500 x 5% = 25.-CHF
This 6th purchase is the 1st one for a new series of 5 purchases.

 It’s possible to leave the bonus beyond the 6th purchase and continue to accumulate.

Ask for your bonuscard