How to look after cut roses

Place the roses in water as soon as you receive them if they have spent more than an hour out of water.

Cut the stems diagonally with a sharp knife.

Remove the leaves which would be underwater.

Choose a vase adapted to the length of the stems.

Dilute Chrysal (the nutrient for cut flowers) in cold water respecting the proportions. This will avoid the proliferation of bacteria and allow the flowers to absorb water better. The lifespan of cut flowers will thus be increased.

Avoid direct sunlight and draughts.

Add water each day.

Roses are thirsty.

About 40% of the stem must be in the water.

One last piece of advice. When a rose does not absorb water, this may be because of a thermal shock or a draught. Cut off about 5cm of the stem diagonally, wrap it in newspaper to keep it straight, then sink 80% of its length in water at about 40°C for one night.

CAREFUL! Never add Chrysal to a pewter vase. The chemical reaction provoked will harm roses. You may however use pure, clear water.