Expressions in floral art

Type of expression : decorative

An abundant floral composition. This is a creation which takes shape inside one of the basic shapes: round, square, a triangle or derivative such as a diamond shape, moon-shaped... This corresponds to all decorations where a massive effect is required.

Type of expression : parallel

A composition with a graphic effect. Parallel means placing 2 lines next to each other without crossing them. The rhythm comes from different heights, spacing, thickness and depths.

Type of expression : linear

The rule is to make the lines as pure as possible. When creating a linear arrangement, we work with flowers and leaves of a dominant type. All the plant material is enhanced so that none loses its identity. Movement and counter-movement must create a balance in space.

Type of expression : flowing

Through tangled creepers flowers and plant material or non floral elements can be seen as if transparently, in an organised structure, whether it flows down, is vertical or horizontal.

Type of expression : structural

These are creations based on a carcass or a visible frame created with several stems. Once this is created, we work inside or outside it, according to the arrangement.

Type of expression : weaving

Making a weft with different natural materials. The elements are woven together and if necessary fixed discreetly. We work with dried or fresh material.

Type of expression : bunch

Plant material is assembled in a parallel way to represent different shapes : bunches, trees, ...

Type of expression : plating

Leaves or other material, fresh or dried, are applied to represent how scales are arranged on a fish.

Type of expression : threading

This technique is used to create floral necklaces, garlands, etc. Dried or fresh plant material is threaded onto coloured metal wires, string or thread...